About Us

Tom and Cecily stand by a cacao tree, with Oona in the foreground. They are all smiling and Tom and Oona are "throwing shaka"Oona (daughter) and Tom (father) stand in a grassy row between cacao trees on their farm. They are smiling and Oona has her right hand making a shaka. Tom is wearing a straw hat and doing double shaka with both hands!
Aloha chocolate lovers!
The 100% Hawaiian cacao we use for our chocolate comes from our very own Ua Hānai Orchards and a portion from selected local partners, for a true Tree-to-Bar chocolate experience. We are a "no spray" farm, using agroforestry and permaculture practices to lessen our impact on the land. This is to create a healthier growing environment for our crops, and healthier foods for you! A big part of the leasing agreement for the land we farm, is that no harmful chemicals are allowed to leech into the soils and waters. With help of rules like these, our soil testing has always come back very low on lead and cadmium.

You may have known us as Hawaiian Crown, with our Sweet Gold Brand low acid yellow pineapples and apple bananas sold in Sack N Save/Foodland stores around the islands! You might have purchased our chocolates in Hawaiʻi Whole Foods as well. We are still the same cacao and chocolate products, as they've always come from our Hilo side of the business, but lots of shifts have happened over the last few years.
We had to close the pineapple acreage on Oʻahu over 5 years ago, and sold the banana business to other farmer friends. You can find them as Alae Farm Estates! @alaefarmestates
The former partnership has dissolved, making room for new directions on both sides. Cacao and ʻulu have become our focus in Hilo, and we're very excited to share our journey with you!
Our co-founders are Master Mahi‘ai (farmer) Tom and his daughter Oona. 
Tom has been farming on Oʻahu, Maui and Big Island over 4 decades, traveling the world to share his experience as a consultant and learn from other cultures. He has been instrumental in cross breeding crops for disease resistance in times of need, and his farms have helped to provide data for research and ag development projects.

Years before we made chocolate, Tom started out with the intent to supply cacao to bean to bar chocolate makers. He had been growing cacao since trials since the 1980's and planted his commercial orchard in the early 1990's. He researched fine wine fermentation and applied it to his beans and sought out buyers. Chocolate makers from around the world came, and loved the quality, but the labor cost was too high of a difference for them to switch from their current sources. While he was able to sell some to several emerging craft chocolate brands now popular in Hawaiʻi, Tom decided he needed to learn to make his own chocolate as well to help stimulate the relatively new industry of cacao in Hawaiʻi. He enrolled in a 2 week intensive European style chocolate making course at UC Davis, and came home with renewed passion! It took several years of trials in his home kitchen before he was satisfied with his recipes.
During that time Tom and Oona sold Sweet Gold Pineapples and the new chocolate at the Kinoʻole Farmer's Market.
The feedback was so positive (woohoo!) that in November of 2014, Oona managed the startup of their downtown Hilo factory. She is the driving force behind the rebrand and vision/mission for the company, and extremely grateful for the privilege of being a 2nd generation farmer and chocolate maker!
When not working on Mahiʻai Made, Oona creates jewelry under the brand @mejirojewelry www.MejiroByOM.com

Our connections with other local producers and organizations have turned into wonderful partnerships where we proudly share the same goal of supporting agricultural advancement in Hawaiʻi.
Mahalo nui for being here.🤎