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80% Dark

80% Dark

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Despite its higher percentage, the 80% Dark Bar still retains a rich, full flavor palate similar to the 70%, instead of starting to go down the bitter, chalky road. Several factors go into making this delicious dark bar. First, our beans are specially fermented and aged to retain their natural fruit undertones. Second, we only stone grind and “liquid conch” our chocolates, which means we never use ball bearings to mix dry powder ingredients. Mixing dry ingredients is helpful when making mass produced batches of chocolates, but to do so cacao must also go through a process of removing its cocoa butter oils for powdering through alkalization, and that can develop a slightly metallic taste that then needs to be covered with sugar.

By keeping our products made in small batches, we eliminate the need for a “dry conch,” retaining those natural oils and more importantly- the natural flavors!

We are a no spray farm, and utilize organic ingredients and farming methods to offer you real, simple foods.
This bar is VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE!

Ua Hānai Orchards Hawaiian Cacao
Cane Sugar
Cocoa Butter
Sunflower Lecithin


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